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Arman Nasim

Gen Sup #1

Gen Sup #1

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A 24 Page, Full Color, Sci-Fi Comic

Writer: Arman Nasim & Jared Chinigo, Artist: Braian Yini, Colorist: Giorgio Rosasco & Tiziana Menale

When humanity is on the brink of extinction, three new societies arise with conflicting visions of how to survive.

In the distant future, an ancient prophecy foretelling the end of the world begins to unfold - marked by the explosion of a dying star. Humanity has split into three new species of people, each believing that they are the next evolution destined to survive the coming apocalypse. What does the future of humanity look like?

The Purist community of Eden names a stoic warrior called Wynn as their Chosen One. Tasked with collecting the remaining pieces of the prophecy from their rival societies - the Animalists and the Robotics - Wynn travels through the wasteland on an extraordinary journey to save the world. Along the way, he'll encounter memorable characters, astonishing creatures, and unravel the mystery of Genetic Superiority.

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