Welcome to my site

I’m excited to announce my 3 new stories!

Lost Magic is a fantasy anthology series that re-imagines monsters and magic for all ages. It is out now, and a new episode will release weekly! Expect an epic story spanning 6 seasons of 6 episodes each.

Not Unlovable is a rom-com that follows a friend group in the streets of New York City. It will launch mid October. Expect a weekly issue release that will mirror real time misadventures across holidays and festivities!

Genetic Superiority is a sci-fi story that follows the rise of 3 factions on humanity’s quest for survival. It will launch Summer 2021. Expect chapters of 4-5 pages to be released weekly. This is a standalone 100 page novella.

To navigate the site– click the series cover, click the series’ tab on the main menu, or simply scroll down the homepage to the select the new post you’re looking for.

I will only post comic pages and major updates. But you can find me in the comments section, where I will delve deeper into each comic and answer some burning questions.

Be sure to check out the other creators– Martin, Alethea, Jared and Bryant– whom I love and could not do this without. They are all spectacularly talented and hand-picked for their specific art style and world building prowess.

A very special thanks to the Pazmino brothers for introducing me to comics as a form of storytelling. It has opened up whole new worlds.

Please support my comics by donating via the Paypal button below every page — it simply allows me to spend more time doing this and telling crazier stories!

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